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Beauty and skin care

A unique biomolecular formula based on your DNA developed in Switzerland A new asset Our defense and repair capabilities are tested every day in our body and seem to diminish from year to year, causing aging. Day after day, the regeneration of the cells slows down and alterations appear in all the tissues, naturally, more

The edelweiss is the landmak of high mountains. In the wild it is a rarity and is under environmental protection. The unique plant is permanently exposed to strong UV rays and extreme wind and weather conditions in its natural environment. It has therefore developed extraordinary natural defenses. Prof. Dr. Ockenfels realizes the unique effects of

“LESS IS MORE” Since 2014, Eblouir’s mission has always been to provide the safest, simplestand most effective formulas that bring remarkable results. The “Less is More” phylosophy aims at eliminating all potential toxic and harmful ingredients, in order to help patients achieve smooth, healthy and radiant skin. All products of Éblouir are 100% fragrance-free and

This program is based on your own cells. This new non-surgical treatment is based on the patient’s own cells and has no side effects. The treatment rejuvenates the skin, reduces the number of wrinkles, slows the skin’s ageing process and makes it more radiant. The quality and youth of your skin depends on the skin

Stem cells represent the new frontier of medicine and the concrete hope of curing diseases that seemed incurable until yesterday. It is common knowledge that a number of research institutes are concentrating all of their efforts precisely on stem cells, so as to fully understand their properties and treatment potential. Stem cells have the remarkable

A cocktail of your own cells to restore the youthfulness of your skin in the long run. The technique “Nanofat” and “microfat” consists of extracting fat from the patient (autologous fat), then centrifuging and filtering this sample in order to obtain an emulsion of stem cells, and finally reinjecting the cellular concentrate at the level

Beauty and skin care
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