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The mouth is often perceived as a separate part of the human body. However, growing scientific evidence shows oral health is directly linked to overall health in many ways. Your mouth is a pathway to your body! 90% of systemic diseases have oral manifestations. Oral symptoms are often among the first to appear. Detecting early

You are thinking about cleaning your body after the holidays? Or you feel that your liver needs some releaf? With our specialist we prepared for you a program for rapid cleansing of the body. Our detox program is monitored by our specialist in anti-aging medicine and nutrition. Thanks to its procedures for cleansing the body

Regeneration of body and mind through holistic cleansing and detoxification Strengthen your immune system and activate new power, energy and vitality by cleansing your body in a targeted manner Promote your physical and mental balance by dissolving metabolic blocks and restoring your metabolic balance Feel completely at one with your body through your personally tailored

Lindner Parkhotel & Spa 5*, Oberstaufen / Allgaü, Germany Prices Schroth Diet   What is the Schroth course? The Schroth course offers fantastic therapy opportunities for weight loss and body cleansing. In comparison to other slimming diet programmes, the Schroth course has the added advantage of cleansing the whole body. As a result of this treatment,

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