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You need to recover from a surgery or from a heavy oncology treatment? check our different rehabilitation programs.

The benefits of our rehabilitation Restoring immunity Heavy metal detoxification Cleaning the body of the effects of chemotherapy Recurrence prevention To improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life No side effects. Course duration 6 days (course can be repeated later) Surgery. Chemotherapy. Radiation therapy. Heavy and toxic treatment are behind you. And what is ahead?

Our partner, the Medical Health Center Bad Ragaz offers heart and lung patients a comprehensive programme that addresses all essential points for the treatment of all forms of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Medical assessment of the situation with resting and stress ECG Need-oriented and holistic treatment concept plus training programme following a stress ECG Programme

Our mesotherapy technique is used to keep your joints young. Mesotherapy is a medical technique consisting in the application of active products by micro-injections, directly in the skin around your joints using your dermis as transmitter and amplifier of a message of repair. This proven technique is painless, non-traumatic and leaves no traces. The message

From September 2014, our partner the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz will feature 18 modern suites for inpatient rehabilitation. By providing optimal medical care, a customised therapy programme and long-term follow-up treatment, the Clinic Bad Ragaz’s highly qualified employees will offer you the best conditions for returning to work and your normal routine after surgery or

Reflexology and meridians has an influence on the whole organism through active areas of a patient’s body. This method is applied for the prevention and treatment of various problems as well as for the improvement of the functioning of all the organs of our body. Reflexology is recommended for the treatment of the following problems: Fatigue,

The interdisciplinary Physical Medicine team of our partner, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, treats pain and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system as well as nervous, muscular and vascular diseases. Back ailments, whiplash, joint ailments Multifunctional gait disturbances, simple amputations Multiple trauma Inflammatory diseases and polyarthritis Osteoporosis Fibromyalgia Distortion trauma Chronic pain syndrome Programme contents

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