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Incorpore detoxification

You are thinking about cleaning your body after the holidays? Or you feel that your liver needs some releaf?

With our specialist we prepared for you a program for rapid cleansing of the body.

Our detox program is monitored by our specialist in anti-aging medicine and nutrition. Thanks to its procedures for cleansing the body and recommendations on optimization of lifestyle, diet, exercise, you will feel more energy, lighter and improved health.


  • 1st day
  • Clinical blood test
  • First intravenous injection to cleanse the liver and immediately a second injection of a cocktail of antioxidants (to neutralize the oxidative stress, which resulted from drinking alcohol and eating in excess)
  • Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 2nd day
  • Second injection to cleanse the liver + injection to cleanse the nervous system
  • Duration 2 hours
  • 3rd day
  • Third injection for to cleanse the liver + injection to improve the tonus and energy
  • Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 4th day
  • Intravenous injection for the purification of the pancreatis + injection to improve the immune system
  • Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

*** All intravenous infusion products are made exclusively of natural origin, anti-oxidants, anti-glycans, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, oligo elements, and chelating agents. No side effects. This treatment is created and patented by our specialist.

At the end of treatment will be held as special consultations with prescription of dietary supplements and individual nutrition recommendations based on the results of laboratory tests.

Cost of the program: CHF 6250.00

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